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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Replacement Guide

This guide will tell you how to replace your shattered Samsung Galaxy 8 screen on your own, saving time and money. We have complete kits for your convenience, including the glass. Or, to reduce the risk of this happening again, upgrade your glass to shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass, the strongest glass on the market, available right here at Digital Supply USA.*

Tools You Will Need

    • Shatter-resistant glass lens cover made from Gorilla Glass, the strongest glass on the market
    • LCD digitizer assembly
    • Tools in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Touch Screen repair tool kit



Step 1: Unplug, then power down Samsung Galaxy S8. Remove the SIM and SD cards.

Step 2: Using blow dryer, apply low heat around edges of back panel to soften adhesive. May take several minutes.

Step 3: When back is warm to the touch, press suction cup to the panel as close to the edge without going over the curve.

Step 4: Gently lift suction cup, and along the side of the phone, insert the opening pick between glass and back panel. (Tip: Adhesive is thinner along the sides.)

Step 5: Keep opening pick in place. Insert spudger on the side of the phone and slowly slide the blade down the length of the phone. Use the blow dryer again on low heat. Do not blow directly into the seam. Insert a pick or the edge of a credit card into the seam on each side.

Step 6: Slowly pry phone open about 35 degrees, until fingerprint sensor cable that connects to the rear glass near the main camera releases. If necessary, use point of spudger or tip of tweezers to disconnect it.

Step 7: Remove back from phone.

Step 8: Remove old adhesive from phone. Clean edges with cotton swab dampened with 90% isopropyl alcohol. Carefully remove remaining adhesive with tweezers.

Step 9: Using small Phillips screwdriver, remove eleven 3.7mm #000 screws.

Step 10: Remove NFC antenna and charging coil assembly panel.

Step 11: Using flat end of spudger, carefully lift and disconnect battery connector coil from panel at the top left of the battery.

Step 12: Disconnect the display and LCD digitizer connector, located on the left edge of the phone near the middle.

Step 13: Turn over the phone. Heat edges with blow dryer for two minutes.

Step 14: Apply suction cup to front of glass near the edge. Insert opening pick under display assembly.

Step 15: If cutting becomes difficult, use blow dryer on low, avoiding blowing directly into the seam. Insert a pick or card to prevent adhesive from resealing.

Step 16: Using a card, pry open screen on the side opposite the LCD digitizer - it will act as a hinge. Carefully lift it away from the midframe, pulling the display connector through the hole.

Step 17: Using isopropyl alcohol and tweezers, remove old adhesive.

Step 18: Reapply adhesive on front and back of the phone.

Step 19: Install new glass screen.

Step 20: Repeat all the previous steps backwards to reassemble phone.

Save time and money replacing your Samsung Galaxy S8 screen with quality tips, tricks and tools from Digital Supply USA.

*Repair at your own risk.