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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LCD Screen Replacement Guide

This guide will help you through the more affordable option of replacing your own LCD screen for your Samsun Galaxy 8 Plus. For your convenience, Digital Supply USA has ready-made repair kits, including the glass. Shatter and fingerprint resistant, our replacement glass is made from the highest quality ion-infused glass on the market and features an oleo-phobic coating.*

Tools You Will Need


Step 1: Unplug, then power down phone. Remove SIM and SD cards.

Step 2: Soften adhesive using blow dryer. Apply low heat around edges of the back panel until warm to the touch.

Step 3: Press suction cup onto the panel as close to the edge without going over the curve to create a proper seal.

Step 4: Gently lift suction cup. Insert opening pick along the side between the glass and the back panel, where adhesive is thinnest.

Step 5: Keep opening pick in place and run blow dryer on low heat down the side edge to loosen adhesive even more. (Focus heat on the back panel, not into the side seam.) Insert spudger along the warmed seam, then slowly slide the blade down the length of the phone. Repeat for the other three sides, inserting another pick or a credit card into each seam to keep it open.

Step 6: Using your fingers or edges of a card, carefully pry open the phone about 35 degrees. Be sure fingerprint sensor cable that connects to the rear glass near the main camera releases. If needed, use tweezers or the tip of spudger to disconnect it.

Step 7: Remove back from phone.

Step 8: Use spudger to remove the finger print reader secured to the back of the panel.

Step 9: Clean edges with a cotton swab dampened with 90% isopropyl alcohol. Carefully remove any remaining adhesive with tweezers.

Step 10: Using small Phillips head screwdriver, remove fifteen 3.7mm #000 screws.

Step 11: With spudger, remove NFC antenna assembly and charging panel.

Step 12: Remove lower antenna assembly that includes a single speaker.

Step 13: Using a flat pick or card, carefully disconnect the battery coil from the panel, then pry out battery.

Step 14: Disconnect other cables from green daughterboard with spudger and/or tweezers. Remove daughter board.

Step 15: Remove five 3.7mm #000 screws.

Step 16: With tweezers, remove blue daughterboard from the midframe. It includes the USB connector, headphone jack and primary microphone.

Step 17: Remove front-facing sensor array. It contains the status LED, camera, proximity sensor and IR emitter.

Step 18: Remove SA plus earpiece speaker, followed by spring-connected vibrator.

Step 19: Take out the volume control and power cable.

Step 20: Turn over phone. Use blow dryer to warm glass and loosen adhesive.

Step 21: Attach suction cup. Use opening pick or card to remove glass from phone. Apply additional heat as needed.

Step 22: Remove old adhesive with isopropyl alcohol, cotton swab and tweezers.

Step 23: Reapply adhesive on front and back of phone.

Step 24: Attach new glass screen.

Step 25: Repeat all previous steps backwards to reassemble phone.

If you have a shattered screen on your Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus, save yourself the shipping fees and repair it yourself with tools and instructions from Digital Supply USA.

*Repair at your own risk.