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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

iPhone X Screen Replacement Guide

Digital Supply USA's iPhone X Replacement Kit includes all of the tools you will need to perform a DIY screen replacement - including the screen. Gather the tools included in this kit and find a flat, well-lit surface to work on.

Important: It is essential to remember from where each screw is removed. When you reassemble your phone, these screws will need to be inserted back into the same holes for your phone to work correctly. 


  1. The power must be turned off on your iPhone X during the screen replacement.
  2. Locate the two 3.4 mm pentalobe screws on either side of the Lightning connector. Remove these screws. To do so, use a counter-clockwise turn (left) with the iPhone pentalobe screwdriver.  
  3. Soften the adhesive by using a blow dryer to make the surface warm. Move the blow dryer around phone, 4" away from the screen. Lift the bezel up using a suction cup to create a space large enough to insert the triangle opening tool. Our precision knife can be used for this as well.


  4. Slide the point of the triangle tool around the seam to loosen the gasket. This action will loosen the adhesive used around the screen and will allow the screen to be removed.
  5. Separate the iPhone X screen carefully. Open it toward the right side. It is important to not completely remove the screen and the display assembly - it will still be connected by cables.
  6. Remove the retaining plate held in by five tri-wing screws. These screws are various sizes, so it is important to remember which opening the screws went into. You will notice several flex cables after you have removed this plate.
  7. From the bottom up, count up to the third cable. This is the battery flex cable. Disconnect power from the device.
  8. Disconnect the lower cable, and the next cable that is attached to the LCD display screen. Lastly, the long cable that has the speaker assembly, proximity ambient light sensor and flood sensor will need to be disconnected. You may notice some adhesive. Very gently, remove the display from its base.


  9. Using your tri-wing screwdriver to remove three screws, remove the piece toward the top that contains the loudspeaker for the microphone, the ambient light sensor, the flood illuminator and the proximity sensor. Lift the speaker body up after removing these three screws. Follow the cable. Use the spudger to work your way under this component, then carefully lift this piece off. If you notice any resistance, warm up the front of the display to loosen adhesive. Set this piece aside.
  10. Remove any adhesive along the sides.
  11. Set your broken screen aside. You are now ready to transfer the components to your replacement screen.
  12. You may now begin your iPhone X reassembly. Follow these instructions in reverse order.


Your screen replacement is a snap with Digital Supply USA. We've created tools, kits and supplies to help save your valuable time and money with easy DIY solutions.