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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement Guide

Digital Supply USA's top-rated iPhone 8 Plus Screen LCD Digitizer Touch Glass Replacement Kit includes everything you need for a successful DIY screen replacement. Gather the tools from this kit and work in a brightly lit area on a flat surface.

Before you begin your DIY screen repair, it is important to note where each screw is removed from. Each screw must be replaced precisely in the same place for your phone to work.


  1. Turn off your iPhone 8 Plus.
  2. Remove the two 3.4 mm pentalobe screws on the bottom of the phone with the iPhone pentalobe screwdriver. Turn the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise rotation. 
  3. You will need to soften the adhesive. Digital Supply USA suggests that you use a blow dryer for this step. Move the heat around the surface about 4" away from the screen. Run the blade along between the screen and its base using a precision knife; create a large enough space for a triangle opening tool. The suction cup can be used for this, too. 
  4. Wedge the triangle opening tool under the seam. Move the point of the tool along the entire screen to loosen the screen's adhesive and make it easier to remove.
  5. Remove the iPhone 8 Plus assembly from the rear case carefully. You will notice that it opens to the side. DO NOT attempt to remove the display assembly entirely - it will remain connected by cables and doing so will cause damage.


  6. Identify the bracket that covers the battery, home-button cables and display cables. Remove the four Phillips screws that secure this bracket with the professional Phillips screwdriver from the Digital Supply USA kit. You will notice that the screws are different sizes; again, you must remember where they go.
  7. Remove the battery plate, then disconnect the battery cable. Disconnect the LCD and touch panel. Disconnect the home button and force touch cable.
  8. At the top, remove the two tri-wing screws located on the front-facing camera retaining plate. Remove the retaining plate.
  9. With the spudger, disconnect the front-facing camera cable from the logic board. This will allow you to separate the screen from the frame.
  10. While the phone is still warm (reheat, if necessary), remove the adhesive from around the frame.
  11. To transfer the front facing camera, ear speaker and microphone to the new screen, you will need to disassemble these components from the cracked iPhone 8 Plus screen. To do this, remove the five Phillips screws at the top of the assembly. Remove the camera retaining plate and set it aside. Fold the camera over to remove the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor filter. You may need to reheat the phone during this process to loosen the adhesive. Carefully remove the front-facing camera cable assembly by using the spudger.


  12. Using your tri-wing screwdriver, remove the home button's four tri-wing screws. Lift the retaining bracket up and set it aside. Be careful when disconnecting the home button's flex cable - hold the bottom down and disconnect the top. Remove the home button carefully; set it aside.


  13. When all of the components of your broken screen are removed and ready for transfer to your replacement screen, set your broken screen aside.
  14. Reassemble your iPhone 8 Plus screen by following these instructions in reverse order.

Digital Supply USA is dedicated to providing quality products and information that will help you perform all of your DIY phone repairs with ease. Browse our website for supplies and replacement parts. We also offer helpful tips and advice that will help you perform successful fixes.