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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Guide

Having to deal with a cracked or smashed cellphone screen is one of life's annoyances. Fortunately, with a few tools and a little patience, you can make the repairs yourself, whether it is replacing the glass screen with our iPhone 7 PLUS Replacement Screen Glass Lens Kit + Tools, or replacing the LCD and digitizer with the iPhone 7 PLUS Digitizer + LCD Replacement Screen Kit + Tools.

Tools You Will Need:

  • Spudger
  • Fine-tipped curved tweezers
  • Precision knife set
  • Triangle opening pick
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pentalobe screwdriver
  • Tri-point screwdriver

Step 1:

Power off your phone

Step 2:

Remove the two pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone

Step 3:

Gently slip a precision knife between the metal frame of the phone and the plastic frame of the screen to create enough space to insert a triangle opening pick. Using the triangle pick, slice through the adhesive to uncouple the display assembly from the rear case.

Step 4:

Open the iPhone 7 Plus - gently - to the side (like a book). Note that the display assembly is still connected to the iPhone via delicate ribbon cables, so do not try to remove the display completely yet. These ribbon cables are extremely fragile. Using a tri-point screwdriver, remove the seven tri-point screws that hold down two silver plates. Note: Be sure to keep your screws organized as they range in size and must be placed back in the right spot.

Step 5:

Use a nylon spudger or pry tool to unsnap the battery connection and start unclipping the ribbons. Once the display and fingerprint scanner ribbons are disconnected, you can unsnap the top earpiece ribbon and now the screen is separated from the phone. 

Step 6:

Now it is time to transfer over some of the components to the new screen.

Step 7:

Starting with the earpiece, remove the metal bracket that is holding the earpiece in place by unscrewing the five Phillip screws. Remove the earpiece speaker; next remove the front camera ribbon cable with the camera and all of the sensors attached to it. Be extremely careful with these paper-thin ribbon cables.

Step 8:

Unscrew the four tri-point screws holding the home button bracket in place using a tri-point screwdriver. Remove the home button by unclipping the ribbon cable.

Step 9:

Next remove the large metal back plate from the screen. There are three tri-point screws on one side, two on the other and one on the bottom. (Keep screws organized!) Slide the plate up and away from the old screen.

You are now ready to transfer your components on the new screen. Work your way backwards to put each piece back.

Step 10:

Once you attach the screen to the phone body, the last thing you want to plug in is the battery connector. Before putting on the protective metal plates, it is best to first test out if the screen works correctly.