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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

iPhone 4S Repair Guide

Welcome to the Digital Supply USA iPhone 4S take-apart repair guide. Here we are going to show (in great detail) the internals of the new iPhone 4S and how to safely reach them in just a few easy steps.

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Tools required:

The Nylon Safe Open Tool

The Small Phillips Screwdriver
The Small Flathead Screwdriver 
The Pentalobe Driver
Suction Cup 
Steady Hands


Be sure you know what's in store.. go slow.. and be careful from start to finish.




We have it in our hands, lets see whats in the box.

USB Cable
USB Power Block
Premium Earbuds


We opted for the black 64GB. Out of the box it looks sleek, slim, and ready to do multitask. Cant wait to test out all the new iOS5 features it comes with.


 The iPhone 4S with the back panel removed. Now Simply remove the two bottom pentalobe screws and slide the back cover up towards the top of the iPhone device.


8 Megapixel cam with full 1080P HD video recording.


The back panel of the device is again flat like the iPhone 4. 3G & 3GS back panels are curved and wobble on a flat surface.


Now Plenty of screws can be removed here, so take your time, they are all visible except for a select few placed in the corners, or hiding under tape.


Cable Removal


After the battery has been removed, you just simply remove the dock connector ribbon cable from the board. There are several other ribbon cables you can remove at this time as well.


More Cables!!!


Now Remove the flex cables from the board in order to take the HD camera out. Now Be careful not to tug on anything too hard, if its not coming out easy, the chances are you forgot to remove a screw!!!


Removal of the dock flex cable is very simple, its held on with a mild adhesive. You can now take the dock speaker assembly out and expose the home button flex cable and microphone.


Now Expose the dock and remove the two screws next to the dock port. You can also remove the 2 corner screws now. 


The rear HD camera is about the same size as the one found in the iPhone 4. This time it can record full 1080P video!!!



Once you get started, there will be no turning back.


Holy screws!!! make sure you remove all the board screws along with all the flex cables so you can easily take the board out of the device.


Now The headphone jack and light sensor cables are held on the mid frame with a mild adhesive. Take your time when removing them and note where any of the small metal braces are for the re-installation.


Apple part numbers:


Headphone jack/Volume: 821-1336-05
Light Sensor: 821-1467-01

Remove the 4 screws pictured to get to the volume flex cable. The metal buttons will also come out after you get this far...


By now the screws have been set to the side, there are a total of ten screws holding the LCD screen and glass digitzer in place. There is a Strong adhesive that holds the display assembly to the middle stainless bezel. Use a suction cup to pull the screen out from the front of the unit.


The display cables will slide through the mid frame so do not rush, go slow and make sure you don't tear any cables.


Apple part numbers:


LCD: 821-0695-A
Dock: 821-1301-A 


You can see the dock assembly with Microphone on the far left. The vibrator is held on with a mild adhesive.


Also pictured is the front facing camera part # 821-1383-A


This battery is solder-less, and is very easy to replace like the 3G & 3GS.


Battery specs:


Li-ion Polymer Battery
3.7V 5.3 Whr
APN: 616-0579
VPN: GB-S10-423282-0100


8 hours of talk time on 3G or up to 14 hours on 2G.


The dock speaker has the wireless antenna built-in.


Mainboard Removed


Now that the mainboard has been removed (Apple part number 820-3031-A, AT&T model GSM. 64GB) remove the protective shielding to expose the new A5 dual core chip.


Click on the mainboards for a closer view. 


Close-up of the new dual core A5 processor.




After a long wait, the iPhone 4S is finally torn apart. Many of the parts inside are replaced with little effort.


This is a difficult phone repair, we offer full support for the iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S.

Digital Supply USA