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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

iPhone 3GS Repair Guide

Welcome to the Digital Supply USA iPhone 3G S take-apart repair guide. Here will show the internal pieces of the new iPhone 3G S & how to safely remove them in a few easy steps. Be sure to check the repair parts page for easy to use toolkits, screen repair, batteries and more for your iPhone 3G S (SPEED). 





  • Tools required: Small Phillips Screw Driver, Small Flathead, A heat gun, exacto razor & Safe Open Tool.
  • Repair Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all the necessary tools & place your iPhone 3G S on a clean, flat surface. Use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.

    Take a look at the back of the iPhone 3G S. It's pretty much the same as the 3G iPhone version.


    It is Very similar to the "regular" iPhone 3G, the 3G S comes with: earbuds, USB charger, USB Cable, Manual, SIM Opener, and of course the actual iPhone 3G S (The 16GB Black for this guide).




    Step 1

    Just like before, You need to remove the bottom 2 screws by the dock port. Simply use your small phillips screw driver to remove them.

    To get the iPhone 3G S LCD Screen lifted, we will need a small suction cup or to poke a paperclip through the screw-less holes in a hooked motion.

    A suction cup is the key. Don't get too far ahead of yourself.You need Be very careful when lifting the LCD module. There are several cables attached to the inside, and if you lift to quickly, you will tear one.



    Step 2

    Lifting it up very carefully, you will be able to remove the 3 ribbon cables highlighted in red.

    We can also remove the far left cable at this point. Orange stickers will help us find the cables inside.

    #1 The LCD Screen
    #2 The Digitizer
    #3 The Ear Speaker
    #5 The Headphone Jack
    #6 Wireless

    Note: #3 is hidden under clips #1 & #2

    This complete step is fairly straightforward, just pop the cable up with a safe-open case tool or use a flathead screwdriver. The LCD screen/Digitizer module should be able to lift right out.

    It's worth noting that we've already identified the parts that differ from the iPhone 3G. The LCD screen looks to have a different driver package, & components on the end of the cable have been changed. No word yet if the iPhone 3G LCD is compatible with the new iPhone 3G S & vice versa.





    Step 2 Cont.

    View of the front half separated from the back (rear) panel.

    It is Still very similar to the original iPhone 3G.

    To free the LCD module from the (digitizer) frame, there are some side screws (6) that must be removed. See sub pic for screw locations.

    Do Not force the LCD out, make sure all the screws have been removed or you will crack or break the screen.




    Step 3

    You can focus on the system board removal now. First remove the screw securing the camera module, then pivot the module out of it's cradle as if the left side was a hinge. While this hangs loose, then proceed with removal of the screws.

    To remove the system board, you should carefully unplug molex connectors #4, #5, #6, & #7 if you have not done this already. There should be (6) screws evenly spaced around it's perimeter.

    WARRANTY ALERT: You also have to remove the longer screw (screw #7) hiding beneath the warranty sticker. There is No turning back now!

    Once fully detached, gently pry up the bottom of the board 1st. Once the board clears, pull the whole thing out & up (towards your chest). Remove the camera molex & it's clear. Battery removal is pretty simple. it's held down with mild adhesive. Take a safe-open case tool & pry it out. The battery is solder-less & easily replaceable.

    APN: 616-0434
    VPN: APPLE-08-003-01(GG)
    Li-ion Polymer Battery: 3.7V 4.51Whr

    Looks pretty similar to the original iPhone 3G battery. We will check compatibility As Soon As possible.




    Step 4

    Removing the headphone jack is easy. Make sure all the screws have been removed & with a little bit of pressure, you can now remove the headphone jack & button assemblies.

    The Dockport can be slipped out with ease, you should just make sure all of the screws have been removed so you don't have to force it out.

    Also, Some other smaller parts can be removed from the backing now. the vibrator module, GPS antenna, & SIM spring can all be taken out. Most are held in place with mild adhesive.





    Step 5

    To remove the iPhone 3G S digitizer, you will need to use a heat gun. This is a very tough step, please proceed with caution. You will probably remove the digitizer only if it's broken, so please go slowly &  don't cut your fingers on the broken glass.

    Go one step farther & you can remove the ear piece speaker & home button. Careful though, you will have to buy a new digitizer bezel if you remove the home button. The home button is held on with plastic pegs that cannot be replaced.





    Step 6, Completed

    View the awesome iPhone 3G S in all it's glory!! Now Stripped down to the bone, we can now reverse these steps to get the phone re-assembled.





    The System Board: Up Close

    System board chips & part numbers can be seen below. Please view the comparison guide for more details. this phone is capable of 833MHz and 720p video. This may be a gateway HD media product in the near future.

    iPhone 3G S system board is shown on the left, right board is iPhone 3G.

    CPU - Samsung 
    N1TVY0Q 0919

    NAND Flash Memory - Toshiba TH58NVG702ELA89

    System Memory - 337S3754

    Infineon - 36MY1EE