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How To Replace iPhone 7 Display Assembly

When it comes to iPhone repairs, they can get expensive. That is, unless you know how to do iPhone repairs yourself and that’s exactly what Digital Supply USA is here to do. With our detailed instructions and iPhone 7 replacement parts, you have everything you need to fix your iPhone 7 on a budget!


Crash Course on iPhone 7 Display Replacement

In this guide, you’ll learn how replace iPhone 7 display. However, this step-by-step guide is for replacing a display assembly that already has an earpiece speaker, front camera assembly and LCD shield plate installed.

If your iPhone 7 display assembly does not have these components, you will need to follow a different guide.


Difficulty: Easy

Time: 10 minutes


Tools Needed to Replace iPhone 7 Display Assembly

  • Phillips #000 Screwdriver
  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
  • Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver bit
  • Opening Picks
  • iOpener
  • Tweezers
  • Suction Handle
  • Spudger

iPhone 7 Parts

  • iPhone 7 Display Assembly Adhesive
  • iPhone 7 Front Panel Assembly Cable Bracket
  • iPhone 7 Bottom Screws
  • iPhone 7 Rear Camera Connector Bracket
  • iPhone 7 NuGlas Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Before you start to fixing your iPhone 7, make sure it’s discharged below 25%. If charged any higher, it could catch on fire or exploded if punctured.



Instructions for iPhone 7 Display Assembly Replacement


Step One: Preparation

  1. Keep your iPhone 7 away from any liquid during the repair as the waterproof seal will be compromised
  2. Discharge battery to under 25%
  3. Power off the iPhone 7 before starting


Step Two: Open It Up

  1. Remove the two 3.4 mm screws located at the bottom of the phone
  2. Place iOpener in the center of the microwave for 30 seconds and apply to a long edge for approximately 2 minutes
  3. Once the adhesive is softened, apply suction cup on lower half of the front of your iPhone 7 (avoiding the home button)
  4. Pull on the suction cup until a small gap appears in between the front and back of the phone
  5. Insert the flat end of a spudger
  6. Twist the spudger to widen the opening
  7. Slide the spudger along the sides of the phone, starting at the lower left and towards the volume buttons. Then, the right towards the top
  8. Remove the spudger and slide from the lower right towards the top corner
  9. Pull up on suction cup and open, raising it no more than 10 degrees
  10. Remove suction cup
  11. Slide opening pick underneath the screen on the top edge of the phone
  12. Slightly pull the screen away from the top of the phone
  13. Slide the iPhone 7 screen to the left like a book
  14. Remove the three tri-point Y000 screws, one 2.4 mm and three 1.2 mm screws from the lower connector bracket


Avoid prying the two pieces apart as there are small clips that can break.


Step Three: Start the Repair

  1. Remove the lower connector bracket
  2. Use spudger to lift battery connector out of its socket
  3. Bend the connector cable to prevent it from powering up while you repair your iPhone 7
  4. Use the flat end of the spudger to disconnect the two lower display connections on the logic board
    • To re-attach, all you have to do it press down on one end until it clicks, then the other end – never the middle
    1. Remove the two 1.3 mm Phillips screws on the bracket over the front panel sensor (should be three)
    2. Remove bracket
    3. Disconnect the front panel sensor from its socket on the logic board
      • Reattach it by pressing on one end at a time
    4. Remove the display assembly
      • Reapply the adhesive around the edges when putting back on
    5. Remove the four Y000 screws that are securing the bracket over the home button
    6. Remove the bracket
    7. Pry under the left side of the home button cable connector to disconnect it


    If the entire connector flips up without separating, simply press down at the top with the spudger while prying up from the left. You must be careful not to damage the cable or the connector.


    Step Four: Start the Replacement

    1. Carefully pry the connector to move it out of the way from the home button and cable, working very slowly as this is very easy to damage
    2. Use a heating iOpener if needed to soften the adhesive on the connectors
    3. Don’t detach the connector, just flip it up to free space
    4. Use a heating iOpener to heat the area around the home sensor
    5. Flip the display assembly over and heat with the iOpener for another 90 seconds
    6. Use an opening pick to break up the adhesive surrounding the home sensor cable on the back display panel
    7. Remove the home sensor assembly
    8. Go through steps in reverse to put phone back together


    And you have officially replaced your iPhone 7 display assembly! Yes, it’s that easy. Head on over to Digital Supply USA for all your iPhone repair parts and let’s get started.