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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Galaxy S6 - Screen Replacement Guide

Fix a broken screen on your Samsung Galaxy S6 by following these instructions for the Digital Supply USA screen replacement kit.

Galaxy S6 Parts

Disclaimer: Repair phone at own risk. Digital Supply USA is not responsible for damaged phones or parts incurred during the repair process. 


Kit Supplies:

  • Mini screwdriver
  • Metal wire
  • Triangle opening tools
  • LOCA glue
  • Replacement screen
  • Flashlight

Other Supplies Necessary:

  • Hair blow dryer
  • Scotch tape
  • Rubbing alcohol


  1. Apply heat to the back of the phone using the blow dryer. Insert the triangular opening tools under the back glass, slide it around all the edges and carefully remove the back glass.

  2. Remove all 12 screws from the back of the phone. Set these aside carefully for later use.
  3. Remove the SIM card tray from the side edge of the phone by pressing a pin into the tiny hole next to it.
  4. Lift the induction pad on the back of the phone. Push on the area under the pad from the back of the phone in order to create a small gap between the screen and the frame.
  5. Insert the opening tool behind the screen to increase the gap and remove the screen completely from the frame. Set the frame and back of the phone aside for now.
  6. Heat the surface of the screen with a blow dryer. Then insert the wire in the top corner just under the glass of the screen.
  7. Continue stopping to reheat the glass each time the wire stops sliding under the glass. 
  8. Once you’ve moved the wire down behind the glass a bit, carefully wedge the opening tool under the corner where you first inserted the wire.
  9. Keep moving down through the phone towards the bottom of the screen, but don’t pull the wire all the way through. Stop when the wire reached the bottom of the screen, just above the home button.
  10. Heat the bottom edge of the screen. Insert the second opening tool over the top of the ribbon cable under the glass screen, being careful not to cut or tear it.
  11. Slowly pull the glass away from the display behind it.
  12. Dab a paper towel into some rubbing alcohol and gently rub over the display to remove any remaining glue.
  13. Heat the display and use opening tools to scrape off any adhesive that doesn’t rub off with the alcohol. Do a final cleaning with the rubbing alcohol afterwards.
  14. Place the display on a clean paper towel. Tape down the edges with scotch tape to prevent liquid from dripping to the back.
  15. Apply the LOCA glue evenly across the LCD display.
  16. Set the new Samsung Galaxy S6 glass screen over the display, starting at the edge with the charging port. Press down slowly from one edge to the other to allow the glue to spread evenly. Make sure all components are properly aligned as you press down.
  17. Use the flashlight for at least five minutes to dry the LOCA glue, spending extra time on the edges and corners.
  18. Remove the tape from the phone before gently scraping remaining adhesive off the edges with a razorblade or the opening tool.
  19. Use the flashlight around each edge of the device completely dry any glue in these areas.
  20. Begin reassembling the phone by applying a strip of two-sided adhesive to the edges and corners of the display.
  21. Remove the backing from the two-sided tape.
  22. Reattach the display to the frame by pressing them together and making sure the adhesive sticks to the frame.
  23. Snap the frame and display into the back of the phone.
  24. Reassemble the back of the phone by replacing each of the screws removed earlier.

  25. Apply two-sided adhesive to the back of the phone, then remove the backing before reinserting the back glass of the device. Press down along all sides and corners to ensure that the tape adheres.
  26. Reinsert the SIM card tray.
  27. Power on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and check to make sure your new screen is working properly.

Notes from Digital Supply USA:

  • Create a system for tracking which screws came from which locations in the phone to ensure that everything returns to its proper place.
  • Don’t use your blow dryer near the screws to avoid blowing them off the table accidentally.
  • Keep your Galaxy S6 LCD display on a flat surface throughout this repair.
  • Use a rubbing alcohol with an alcohol content above 90 percent to remove any glue from the display effectively.