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Complete Step-by-Step iPhone 4 Battery Replacement Instructions

  1. First, remove the 2 star shaped screws from the bottom of the iPhone 4 device located on the opposite sides of the sync port. You are going to need a special tool called a pentalobe screwdriver to remove these two screws.
  2. Now carefully slide the iPhone 4 device back cover upwards towards the power button so that the plastic locking tabs around the perimeter slide out from under the metal tabs located on the inside of the iPhone device housing. The back cover should slide upwards about a 1/2 inch.
  3. Next you are now free to lift out the iPhone's back cover & separate it from the iPhone device entirely.
  4. Using the small phillips screwdriver, now unscrew the phillips screw securing the battery connector plug into the iPhone’s logic board. This is a small (1/2 inch long) metal rectangle located close to the lower left of the iPhone 4.
  5. Now, using a non-conductive plastic pry tool carefully insert and pry under the thin metal plate to lift out the battery connector from its plug on the logic board. The cable will just pop up & out from the plug location. Now you will also see a smaller piece of metal that was underneath the plug. Don’t forget the orientation of this piece. It is the iPhone 4 device antenna cover which sits on top of the metal antenna plug & extends to touch the metal film on the inside of the back cover for increased cell reception.  Caution: ***Be sure that you are lifting out the battery cable & not prying at the entire connector that protrudes from the logic board*** If the battery port breaks it may not be repairable.
  6. Now, pry out the old battery from inside the iPhone 4 device which is held down with a strong double sided tape. A metal spudger can work great for this particular task.
  7. Now, Orient the new iPhone 4 battery inside the casing & lay the antenna cover back in the proper place.
  8. Next, Gently plug in the cable into the iPhone 4's logic board port.  Caution: If you find yourself having to apply lots of force, re-adjust the plugs position over the port. Don’t risk bending the metal contacts of the connector.
  9. Now Screw back in the small phillips screw securing the iPhone 4 battery plug.
  10. Now, place the iPhone back cover in the same place it was after you slid it towards the top of the phone. So the back should be placed so that it overhangs the top about a ½ inch. To insure  that it's placed correctly, look around the sides of the iPhone & make sure it's flush so far.
  11. Now While pushing downward on the iPhone back cover to keep it flush against the phone, slide the back cover towards the bottom so that it locks under the metal tabs. Next, look around the sides to verify that your glass back is flush.
  12. Using a pentalobe screwdriver, screw in the 2 star shaped screws at the bottom of the iPhone 4 device located on opposite sides of the sync port.

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Now You have effectively replaced your iPhone 4 Battery!!

Beware: This instructional is meant for informational purposes only.. We are not to be held responsible for any kind of damages or injuries that result from following these instructions.

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