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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

What are the Basics of a Printer Ink Cartridge?

How to choose an Ink Cartridge suitable for your Printer?

- Fetch the Cartridge number on your old ink cartridge. If you don’t find it there, look for it in the Owner’s manual which will state out the Cartridge type and its number. 

Now for standard ink cartridges, the number might differ based on the location and hence, take care of the region while looking  for yours.

- If you don’t have an old cartridge and the owner’s manual, find the details from the Printer’s Make & Model:

What is Make & Model?

Make: Know the Printer’s maker i.e. which company does the printer belong to.

Model: Know the Printer Model that will be mentioned on your printer’s front, back or side.

You can add these details on the online stores and find out the one suitable for your model from the suggestions. Also, try visiting the company’s Knowledge base and match the printer model (Documents and description) with the cartridge ideal for it.

- Determine your buying quantity and requirement. You can choose between the High yielding and Standard Cartridges according to your usage. If you need high page delivery, go for the High yielding one and if the requirement is standard and occasional, go for the standard one.

- Make a choice between Original, Remanufactured & Compatible Ink Cartridges. The Original Cartridges cost more than the Compatible ones manufactured by third-party sellers. On the other hand, the remanufactured inks are the old original ones which are refilled by a third-party seller.

They also cost less than the Original ones. In such a case, you can always look at your budget and choose what suits your purpose.

However, take care of these points before buying one. 

  1. If the seller is genuine, selling under their own unique name.
  2. If they have an ISO Certification.
  3. Offers Guarantee and sells reliable quality of the product.
  4. Provides Communication support for the sold items.
- Get Timely Subscription if there is a regular need for the Cartridge and proceed with your purchase.

Buy HP Ink Cartridges for your printer and receive them at your doorstep! 

What is a Printer Ink cartridge made of?

The Ink Cartridges are made of Resin, Solvents, Varnish, Pigments, Wax, Lubricants, etc. However, the Black ink is made of carbon black pigments and the white pigments like titanium dioxide are used to reduce the density of darkness and form other light coloured inks.

In which Printers do we need to put an ink Cartridge?

An ink cartridge is used in an Inkjet printer. The ink is dropped on the paper which is inserted in the inkjet printer prior to the commencement of the printing process.

Ideally, one should always use the ink cartridge of the same company he/she is using the printer of. For example, if you own an HP Inkjet printer, it is advisable to get an HP Ink Cartridge or HP Ink Cartridge Replacement for the same as this ensures the quality of outcome after the process is done.

In what colours are the Ink Cartridges available?

Ink Cartridges are available in four basic colours that are used in printing: Cyan, Magenta, Black, and Yellow. These colours are mixed and matched to create different coloured prints and designs on the surface of output.

How should you store the Ink cartridges?

  1. Keep the Cartridges in a cool & dry place, away from Sunlight, Radiators or any other Electronic Appliances.
  2. Don’t keep it in a very bright place as any kind of light can demean the quality and hence, keep it away from any artificial and Natural light.
  3. To reduce the risk of leakage and mess, always keep the nozzles of your Cartridge up. It is advisable to store the cartridges in a place that is clean and tidy.
  4. For the best performance of a cartridge, try to store it for 6-12 months for ideal printing experience.
  5. If the Cartridge is used partially but is to be stored, keep it in a bowl that has an airtight lid to it. Place a paper or old cloth in it so if there is a chance of leakage, there is not much damage done to the bowl. Also, do not use plastic bags that might spoil the container in case of a leak.

At Digital Supply USA, there are plenty of Ink Cartridges and Toners, manufactured and sold for various models of printers. Apart from cartridges, there are replacement & repair kits, tool kits, screen replacement & Display kits available at a fair price.

Not only do we sell them, we deliver them too at your facility in the least days possible. Our team of shipping and Dispatch department always ensure there is no delay in the supply and all the products & deliverables are delivered in their ideal condition only.

Here is the list of products at Digital Supply:

  1. Ink Cartridges
  2. Ink Cartridges & Toner Replacement
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    2. Canon
    3. Epson
    4. Brother
    5. Dell
  3. Screen Replacement Kits(With or Without Toolkit)
  4. Battery Replacement Kits
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    3. iWatch
    4. iPod
    5. Samsung Galaxy S Series
    6. Samsung Galaxy Note Series
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