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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

IPhone SE 1st Gen Battery Replacement Kit-Learn its Usage!

A lot of times, batteries of your phones start misbehaving and malfunctioning. There can be some unusual reasons for it but most of the time, it is after the phone is 2-3 years old. 

It can be a daunting task to get the batteries replaced from outside and so, we have brought to you the battery replacement guide for IPhone SE 1st Gen and also the IPhone SE 1st Gen Battery Replacement Kit.

These replacement guidelines/ steps can be followed by almost all IPhone models nearest to the IPhone SE 1st Gen.

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How to replace the battery by your Iphone SE 1st Gen Battery Replacement Kit:

  • Power off the phone before beginning with the process of replacement.
  • Unscrew the pentalobe screws at the bottom using a pentalobe screwdriver. They are of 3.9 mm size and are located on the sides of the charging port.

Note: It is essential that your phone’s battery is below 25% as a charged one can explode or catch fire if it gets punctured.

  • Once the screws are opened, it is time to separate the display from the back body of the phone.  To pull the display away, use a suction tool and press it on the screen. Place it just above the Home button, completely on the screen and ensure the seal is tight.
  • Hold the back body tight and lift the suction tool a little to separate the Display and the phone from the nearest edge. Poke a chip-like plastic tool to move down the back body from the rear part. Disassociate the edges slowly but firmly.  Don’t fully unstick the display and the back portion as they are firmly stuck to each other.
  • Lift the plastic nub of the suction tool so that the vacuum seal is released. Remove the tool.
  • Lift the display only till the metal bracket covering the home button cable is visible. The metal bracket is like a little lego.
  • Now, use the tip of a spudger and push the bracket a little and then remove it with the help of tweezers.
  • After the bracket is removed, use the spudger to disconnect the cable connector from the socket.
  • Once done. Ull the rear portion of the phone away from the back body from the side of the home button. Do not pull the entire display away, keep it connected at the opposite end of the home button and keep the angle at 90º degree so that the work is done without any hassle.
  • And then the inside mechanical parts will be visible to you. Unscrew the phillips screws that put your battery in place with the help of a phillips screw.
  • Thereafter remove the metal battery connector bracket.
  • With the help of the flat portion of the spudger, lightly pry the battery connector upp from the socket that is placed on the logic board.
  • Remove the remaining 4 screws that secure the front panel assembly cable bracket and remove the cable.
  • Disconnect the front camera and the sensor cable using a spudger. Your fingernail will do too. Then disconnect the LCD cable connector and then the digitizer cable connector.
  • Now slowly, remove the display from the body.
  • Run the spudger between the headphone jack and the battery to pop out the battery adhesive.
  • Pull the adhesive away from the body and cut it vertically into two strips. Pull one away at the angle of 60º or less, steadily with constant pressure till it slips out from the battery and the back case. Repeat the same for the next strip too. Try not to break the strips.
  • If they fallout, you’ll be able to remove the battery.
  • However, if you break the strip/s, use the plastic opener to remove the battery. Gently poke the opener on one end of the battery and try to lift it up slightly.
  • Try till it bumps up a little. After that, lift the battery up, out of the back body.
  • Later, change the battery and follow the same steps backwards to assemble your IPhone SE 1st Gen.

Have fun using your IPhone SE 1st Gen Battery Replacement Kit!

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