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How Samsung Completely Obliterated iPhone X - Digital Supply USA

How Samsung Completely Obliterated iPhone X

Samsung is a trending topic as of lately, and not for their devices. Instead, it’s the Samsung 2017 commercial they recently released and it’s definitely a must see. The entire 60-second video completely mocks iPhone X buyers.

Before you deem this to be a pathetic and immature way to market the new Samsung, the commercial does raise some interesting points.    

The Samsung commercial was dubbed “growing up” and basically says that upgrading to the Galaxy Note 8 is the way to do just that. In between the lines, Samsung is saying that Apple is way behind the times. Talk to any software developers who know the ins and outs of the systems, and they’ll also tell you the same thing.


The iPhone Has Storage Full Issues

Oh, the struggle of trying to take pictures and having your iPhone tell you that you have no available storage. By the time you delete some things, the moment you were trying to capture in the first place is long gone. The struggle is real and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 highlights that perfectly.


The iPhone Isn’t Waterproof... Or Anything Close To It

It’s insane how many people can relate to putting their iPhone in a bowl of rice. We’ve all done it because we paid a pretty penny for the latest device. SO, even with the slightest droplet of water, rice is the answer.

But is it?

With Samsung, you can keep rice for eating because the phone is completely waterproof… Even when your friends push you into a lake!


When The iPhone Didn’t Have a Headphone Jack

We’re sure Apple thought they were being geniuses when they released an iPhone with no headphone jack but that completely backfired. And of course, the new Samsung commercial took advantage of the opportunity in their new hilarious commercial. And even if you’re a die-hard Apple fan, you can’t deny how ridiculous it was to have to buy an extra hookup just to be able to use headphones that plug in. Like hello; it’s the 21st century, Apple.


The iPhone X Simply Isn’t Cool


One of the features of the new Samsung commercial is more of a humorous jab than anything else, and it appears in the hairline of a man traveling with an iPhone X. Instead of having a smooth, straight and dapper haircut, the Apple user has a “uncool” shape. If you read in between the lines hairs, you’ll get what Samsung is saying.


If you hate the new Samsung commercial, chances are you’re an Apple fan. You probably just dropped $1000 on the new iPhone X and despite having to pay insane prices for apple repairs and having an outdated system, you’re committed. To each their own but you can’t deny that this commercial is quite hilarious…. And that if you’re an Apple fan, you’ll need iPhone repair tools and a bowl of rice.

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