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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

How important are the components of your Phone repair kit?

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives today.  We wake up with our phones and sleep with it. And so far, the addiction to mobiles has only increased. In such scenario, it is important we keep our phones running to not cause any inconvenience to ourselves.

However, there are times which are not in our favor, meaning our phones need repairs! Now, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a repairing kit. Also, when the times of Corona have forced us to stay in, you might as well save some money and get some skills.

However, it doesn’t hurt to not know what each component of your repair kit does. It can be really tricky considering you are using a component for the work it is not supposed to do. Also, you may end up damaging your phone!

SO, to make your job easy, here is an example of an iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement kit components. We shall discuss the importance of all the components in the replacement kit.

Assume you have a broken iPhone 11 pro max screen and you are looking for your iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement. Somebody advises you to get the tools and replace it at lesser price than getting it replaced by a professional. And you take that advice.

What will your iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement kit look like?

It will contain:

  1. Premium Pentalobe screwdriver
  2. Premium Phillips screwdriver
  3. Microfiber cleaning cloth
  4. Spudger (Either nylon or plastic)
  5. Suction cup
  6. Triangular pry tool

Often, we have a habit of doing away without using a particular tool or using a tool as a substitute of other. We might not know always but using a component in place of other can damage your handsets. When you’ll know the importance of each tool, you’ll avoid compromising.

Importance of components of an iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement kit

  1. Premium Pentalobe screwdriver

A Pentalobe screwdriver is specifically used to remove the screws on the base of your phone. It is essential to raise the phone’s rear panel. Specifically, for iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement, Pentalobe screwdriver will be used for removal of base screws as Phillips screws are not present there. For any other model, be aware in advance which screw is used where and used the screwdriver accordingly.


  1. Premium Phillips screwdriver

Like the Pentalobe screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver is also used to undo the screws, but Phillips screws. In iPhone 11 pro max, the Phillips screws are used inside the body. When you raise the rear panel, you’ll see the components of the iPhone are held together by Phillips screws.

For general advice, don’t use Pentalobe screwdriver for untightening a Phillips screw and vice versa. Using a screwdriver in place of the other can simply damage your screws and your phone’s body to an extent. For better understanding, find the picture of both of the screws each and you’ll be able to see the difference yourself.


  1. Microfiber cleaning cloth

Glasses are delicate. Especially the ones used for our phones. It is utter essential to use the most carefully made tools that can keep your phone as it is without causing any damage. For the similar purpose, Microfiber cleaning cloth is used to clean the screen. Other harsh cloths can cause scratches on the body (Todays phones are mostly composed of glass).

Thus, it is an extremely important kit of your iPhone 11 pro max replacement kit. Using a Microfiber cleaning cloth avoids causing scratches even while you are cleaning it in a hurry. It also eliminates dust and dirt scraps from the glass without damaging them.

  1. Spudger (Either Nylon or Plastic)

This component of your replacement kit is mainly used for dismantling or repairs. The pointed side of it is used to carefully separate the components of your phone while not causing any harm. Whereas the flat side of it is used to either loosen or adjust the lock connectors, again without causing any harm to the Motherboard. Using a Spudger simply reduces the risk of possible harms while dismantling of the inner components of the phone.

  1. Suction Cup

This comes with a handle and a textured grip that doesn’t slip. It acts as an opening tool for either the rear or the front side of the phone. It basically aids in separating the front or the rear panel from the phone.

  1. Triangular Pry Tool

A triangular pry tool is essential in removing glass from the phone’s base. Interestingly, the tool has a tapered end over its each side which helps to dig in and separate the glass. Also, it is safe to use the tool over the base of the phone for cleaning, without the fear of damaging it. It is a great tool to have while replacement and all kinds of repairs.

Manage your iPhone 11 pro max screen replacement with the kit from Digital Supply USA

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