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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone 12 Pro Max!

1. Is there a headphone jack in iPhone 12 pro max?

No, like the other models iPhone has been launching for the past few years, iPhone 12 pro max also doesn’t have a headphone jack.

2. Is there a micro SD card slot in iPhone 12 pro max?

Since the beginning, iPhones never had a micro SD card slot. However, if you want to use it, take the help of dongles that will let you use SD & micro SD cards with the iPhone.

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3. Which colors are available in the iPhone 12 Pro Max?

There are four solid and attractive colors the iPhone 12 Pro max comes in. They are Graphite, Pacific Blue, Gold, and Silver.

4. How many Sim Cards are supported in the iPhone 12 Pro Max model?

The iPhone 12 models support dual sims in Hongkong, Macao, and Mainland China. In these locations, you can place one sim on the tray and another beneath the tray and use the dual sim function.

However, you can use one physical sim in other regions, and another can be an e-sim only. iPhone 12 models only support one physical sim in all the areas except the ones stated above. 

5. Is wireless charging supported on iPhone 12 Pro Max?

The wireless charging feature of upto 15W is supported on this iPhone 12 model. The official wireless charger from Apple is Magsafe.

6. Is 5G supported in iPhone 12 Pro Max?

Yes, all the models of the iPhone 12 support 5G.

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7. So now, does the iPhone 12 & its subsequent models have USB-C?

No, they don’t. iPhone still has the lightning port. Even the iPhone 13 and its subsequent models don’t have the USB-C port. iPhone 14 models can have it, though.

8. How much can the iPhone 12 Pro Max store?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max's internal storage has three variants.  One is 128GB strong, while the 2nd model has 256GB internal storage capacity. The highest storage capacity is of the third variant, the 512GB piece.

9. How to capture a screenshot in the iPhone 12 pro max?

Capturing screenshots is quite the same in all iPhone models. Press the power button and the volume up key together and release when your phone captures the current screen. Another way is to use the accessibility settings and turn on the assistive touch to capture the screenshot.

10. What kind of speakers does iPhone 12 Pro Max have?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has two stereo speakers for the earpiece and bottom-firing. They produce high-quality stereo sound that reflects nothing but the awesomeness of Apple products!

11. Can you get the iPhone 12 Pro max repair or screen replacement done yourself?

Definitely, with Digital Supply USA’s Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max OLED Display Glass Screen Replacement Kit, you can get the iPhone 12 Pro Max repaired at home! The product comes in various screen replacement variants and is available at discounted prices!

12. Is Toolkit available with the iPhone 12 Pro max repair or screen replacement kit?

Yes, there are two options available. You can purchase the replacement kit, which includes the toolkit, or the one without it.

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