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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Apple Watch Series 6: The Game Changer of Fitness tracking!

Watches have gone advanced today. While we could use them only for knowing time in the past, today, they do more than just letting you know the hour of now! Watches of today have become smart and kind of omnipresent. Not physically but in their functions, surely.

A watch today does a lot more than showing time. You can check who texted you on WhatsApp or any other software via connecting your watch to your Smartphone. Then, you can also play music of your choice via the watch itself. Coming with the feature of touchscreen, identical to a Smartphone, a Smartwatch can manage your apps on the little screen and also help you revert to your messages via voice messaging (those that support voice dictation).

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Another noteworthy feature of a Smartwatch is tracking via GPS. Yes, you can take assistance from Maps via a Smartwatch and also can get location specific alerts after tracking your location. Also, if you are a fitness-seeker and don’t compromise much on your physical activity, there is a specification that fits in what you need. There are Fitness Tracking features like counting calories, steps, activities like swimming, running, etc, counting sleep hours, heart rate, and many other attributes that justify the luxury.

And to feed the techfreaks’ appetite, Apple is back with a new model of iWatch, the Series 6 Smartwatch! There is too much in the iwatch series 6 but the best part is that it is one of the best watches for fitness and activity.

And here we are, present again to review the iWatch series 6.
They call it the Best Fitness Watch for various reasons. With sleep tracking and blood oxygen sensors, it has more to offer than the previous series model of the iWatch.

  • The Blood Oxygen Sensor

The Blood Oxygen Sensor in the iWatch Series 6 tracks the level of oxygen saturation in your blood. Also known as the Spo2, the result of running this sensor will be generated in 10-15 seconds while the background checks will stay on.

  • Sleep Tracking Feature

Moving on with another Health feature, the sleep tracker in the Series 6 will make you completely rely on it and you’ll stop looking at other sleep tracker applications and devices. The tracker in this watch is accurate, has a sleep tracker and a snooze-monitoring software preinstalled. It lets you set your sleep goals while the watch stresses on how important it is to sleep for 7 hours at the least.

  • Battery Life

Moving on, to use the attributes, it is necessary to have the battery life. Thanks to the Apple makers, the iWatch Series 6 comes with an 18 hour long battery. It is the same as the series 5 one but the good part is: iWatch 6 takes only 90 minutes to charge till its maximum while the previous iWatch model takes 2 hours.

  • Always-on Display

The Always-on retina display in the iWatch series 6 is 2 ½ times brighter than the iWatch series 5 which makes it easier to have a look at the watch’s face in the bright light such as under the sunlight or in a bright room.

  • Always-on Altimeter

One interesting specification is the always-on altimeter that helps provide the detail of elevation in real time. With the help of the GPS and the Internet availability, it detects any changes in elevation or demotion of the ground upto one foot. Now this is also a wonderfully helpful feature for workouts as the ground elevation decides and changes your pace of walking or any other physical activity.

  • The Appearance

This version of the iWatch has the best OLED Display of recent times. The resolution is of 368x448 pixels and the diagonal measurement is 1.73 inches. Made of stainless steel, the Series 6 watch has the sapphire crystal glass cover and the weight of 47.1 grams. Also, up to 50 meters, the watch is waterproof.

  • The Chip

The chip in the new model of iWatch is a lot more efficient than the one in the Series 5 iWatch. Also, this upgrade makes the watch 20% faster than the previous one.

Overall, iWatch Series 6 is a fruitful buy for satisfying luxury, ease, and fitness + Health needs, all at once. With the beautiful design and composition, it is bound to be the core center of attraction for fitness freaks and tech addicts for the year.

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