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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Apple iPhone 12 Specs

Apple introduced its latest iPhone 12 in 2020. iPhone 12 is one of the most popular phones of 2020. Apple gave us four different models of iPhone 12, i.e., iPhone 12, the Mini variant of the iPhone, the Pro variant of the iPhone, and the largest iPhone manufactured by Apple, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Apple has offered four different models available at different prices. iPhone 12 Mini is the most affordable iPhone 12. Where iPhone 12 Pro Max is the ultimate version of iPhone 12, giving all the top and new features to the public at a high price.


Both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini offer A-14 bionic chips with 4 gb of ram and upto 256 gb of storage. A-14 is the latest chip that is being used by Apple in the new iPhones. This is the same bionic chip that is used in iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max. iPhone 12 mini is for all those people who want good performance in a compact, small-sized phone. Whereas if you want the best features and a large screen, Apple has offered iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Camera, build a quality, battery, and memory are the features that differentiate these iPhone 12 models from one another. Unlike the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, both iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max offer three 12 megapixels cameras, 6 gb of ram with 512 gb of storage. Apple is using a stainless steel body in both iPhone 12 Pro and The iPhone 12 Pro Max instead of the regular aluminum body.


Apple is promoting these iPhones as tough and strong iPhones with a Ceramic shield providing better drop performance. But we all know that iPhones are very fragile. The iPhone 12 pro and Pro Max variant screen is better than other iPhones but still is very fragile. All iPhone owners know how costly it is to get your damaged parts replaced.


iPhones screen replacement is very costly; even if you go to third-party sellers, they will sell you cheap products at a very high price. This is one big problem faced by all iPhone owners. The screen of the iPhone 12 is a little bit different from all other iPhones. It is strong and opens like a book when you try to open the screen for replacement.


To help all the iPhone lovers who are having an iPhone with a broken screen, Digital Supply USA is providing replacement kits for almost all the iPhones at an affordable price. We provide high-quality replacement parts and the necessary tools required at an economical price so that everyone can have their iPhone repaired.


Digital Supply USA and Screen Replacement


Digital Supply USA is a company working to provide all iPhone owners with budget-friendly, high-quality replacement products, and tools. The screen of any phone is very fragile. Phones are kept with proper care to save them from any damage. Especially all the iPhones, they offer great performance and experience but are easily breakable.


iPhone 12 was released at the end of October. It's not very easy to find a good seller giving high-quality replacement parts for the newly released iPhone 12. Digital Supply USA is providing a screen replacement kit for all the different models of the latest iPhone 12. We offer digital screen replacement kits of both the compact iPhone 12 mini variant and the iPhone 12 Pro Max variant with a large screen.


People usually think that they can use screens of any model of the same size. If you do the process of tearing down the iPhone, you will notice that the build of all the iPhones are different. The inside of the iPhone 12 is totally different from the iPhone 11.


Unlike other iPhones, the new iPhone 12 opens from the right side of the screen. The battery cable, LCD screen, and earpiece is connected on the right side of the body. The earpiece is connected at the top, whereas the battery and LCD connector are connected at the bottom left. You can not just use any screen of any iPhone model.


Some people are facing the problem of finding the replacement parts for the new iPhone 12. Companies try to exploit customers who do not have the correct knowledge of the product. It is very important for the customer to search for a reliable company to eliminate this problem.


Why choose Digital Supply USA?


Digital Supply USA is one stop for all the iPhone owners living in the USA who want to get their damaged screen replaced. As the name states, Digital Supply USA is a United States of America based company. The main headquarters of the company is located in Dallas, Texas, and has warehouses located in different locations all over the United States of America.


The company's main objective is to provide high-quality replacement products and tools and accessories at an affordable price. It's been the main objective of the company ever since.


We resolve a big problem faced by all the iPhone owners of getting genuine replacement parts for a reasonable price. We do not sell any cheap quality products or any refurbished product. All the products sold by Digital Supply USA are totally new and are of high quality.


So if you have a broken iPhone, contact us, and save your money. We provide proper repair instructions so that you can repair your product quickly and easily. Digital Supply USA offers flexible payment options like Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. We also accept payments made through credit cards, making the procedure of making the payment easy.


As Digital Supply USA has warehouses located at different locations in the USA, they do not charge any extra fee. No restocking fees or shipping charges are charged from the customer.


One of the main reasons why you should choose Digital Supply USA is that it is one of the most reliable companies in the USA, having a big list of happy customers from all over the United States of America.


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