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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!
Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

iOS claims to be the world’s safest and most suitable operating system for your personalized use. iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most ambitious and upgraded version of the iPhone 12 Pro with iOS 14 and technically consists of a screen larger than the other iPhones released by Apple. The flatness of the corners of the bottom and the top makes it look the largest of the screen size.


Even though released in the late month of 2020, it already has several users from every part of the world. The display type of iPhone 12 Pro Max being OLED with Super Retina XDR screen and the size of 6.70 inches (1284x2778 pixels) makes it an immersive display.


Many features of iPhone 12 Pro Max make it the choice of its user. The large aperture of the telephoto camera, improved optical zoom of 5X and digital zoom upto 12x, stabilization of the sensor-shift optical image on the wide camera, powered by Apple A14 Bionic chip, resistance from dust and water offered are some of the attractive features.


With all such efficiency, we understand the worry about the safety of the screen. To cater to the needs of the users of superfine devices like iPhone 12 Pro max, Digital Supply USA extends its services.




It’s Display Module is larger than the other iPhone released by Apple and has a super thin appearance. Owing to the better optical zoom, the camera module is slightly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro. The absence of the adhesive tape cables in this device makes the removal of the bottom speaker an easy job.


Taptic engine is the technology used by Apple for a better customer experience and provides tactile sensations in the form of vibrations. It looks like the vibration motor from the iPhone 12 mini. iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery of 3687 mAh ( capacity of 872 mAh more than that of iPhone 12 Pro ), which comes glued with silicone adhesive to the back housing and clearly has a larger size


The next visible components would be the Face Module, infrared camera, dot projector, and front camera, not much different than in the other iPhones. The sim card reader is a separate module from the motherboard, makes the removal and replacement process a quick and easy task.


A ribbon cable used to directly connect the motherboard to the 5G millimeter-wave antenna module (mmWave) is attached to the back of the motherboard. It cannot be disconnected because of the soldering to the board. The window for the 5G mmWave antenna is placed in the matte area, below the power button outside the back housing.

The LIDAR Scanner ( works for the improvement of the quality of the photo ) is separate from the Camera Module. A Wireless charging module is provided in the middle of the case with a magnetic ring. These all mainly constitute the components inside of the Phone.


It is inevitable that there might be issues associated with the body or functioning of the device depending upon the use and utility. Handing your high priced possession for resolving the issues is a major concern for most users. Getting the repairs to the damage done to the screen, speaker, camera, or the body, from Apple Support or other tech-professionals is, undoubtedly, an expensive process.


This problem can be lessened by doing the necessary process like screen replacement of the device, by oneself at a convenient place like home.


The tools you might require for the complete teardown of the Phone includes:-


  • Pentalobe screwdriver about 0.8mm
  • Phillips 1mm
  • Tri-Wing 0.8mm
  • Standoff 1.5mm


Plastic tools, mediator, and suction cup for removing the display of the phone.


Doing this by yourself is not a very easy job. It requires some essential things to be taken care of. The factors, if considered properly, can help you outstand the various difficulties faced by the users while performing the screen replacement of their device.


  • Utmost attention is the crucial part of this process. Any carelessness allowed can lead to unpleasant circumstances that cannot be readily reversed. Every tiny component has its own functions and importance in the setup. It should all be handled with undivided attention and carefulness in order to avoid complications.


  • Not all suppliers are equipped with the good and high-quality tools required for the screen replacement process. Differentiation and selection is very important for you. Inferior quality can further damage your device. Checking, exploring, and going to reliable sources is necessary.


  • Information and the right knowledge is the key to success in this case.


  • Use of the proper and accurate tools according to the suitable size.



Digital Supply USA aims at understanding your needs and offering services in order to provide ease to our customers.



        WHY CHOOSE US?


We, at Digital Supply, present to you the supply and sourcing of a superior quality range of products in return with the affordable prices, hence by making the process, like screen replacement, an economical and pocket-friendly solution to your problems. We have a wide reach of our services because of our multiple warehouses all over the United States.


The screen replacement kits are statistically the most sold and liked the products of our company. Everything needed for the screen replacement is provided in the kit, like the replacement screen, connectors, tools required for opening the phone, removing the glue from the corners, and more.


We support the rationality of the decision to choose us by providing you the perks such as

  • 100% guaranteed Lifetime Warranty,
  • absence of any fee charged as in the case of return along with easy return and refund,
  • no additional charges of delivery at your place,
  • flexible payment options,
  • ongoing discount offers and discounts for customer satisfaction,
  • in detail instructions included in the kits,
  • A large number of contented and happy customers availing our services and using our products and many more.


We understand the importance and value of our customer’s needs, and we would be happiest to serve you with our services and fulfill all your requirements from the beginning to the end. Visit our website / contact us at


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