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Sale Up to 45% OFF!!! - FREE Shipping - LIFETIME WARRANTY - Lowest Price Guarantee - NO Restock Fees!

Apple iPhone 12 Mini Specs

iPhone 12 Mini

2020 was like a rollercoaster ride with big ups and downs. One of the best things that happened for all the iPhone lovers was that Apple released its iPhone 12 this year. New specs, new design, new better camera, and the new a14 bionic chip.


Apple introduced iPhone 12, iPhone 12 plus, and iPhone 12 plus max. In addition to this, Apple gave us the iPhone 12 mini, one of the best affordable iPhone. iPhone 12 mini is a pretty good phone with very good specs. It has the latest A-14 bionic chip introduced by apple this year, The same chip that is used in all the iPhone 12 models.


iPhone 12 mini has a bezel-less design with 5.40 inches of screen. This is the smallest compact iPhone released by Apple in the last five years. In this era of big hefty phones, Apple gave us a compact iPhone with great specs. It has two 12 megapixels rear cameras and a 12 megapixels front selfie camera.


This phone is the highly recommended iPhone for all the selfie lovers and all the people looking for a compact phone with a great performance. It has 4 GB of ram with upto 256 GB of storage. iPhone 12 mini has one of the best screens, but that does not mean that it is unbreakable.


Digital Supply USA


If you live in the United States of America and own the new iPhone 12 mini, unfortunately with a broken screen, and are looking for an affordable replacement of the screen, you are at the right place. As the name states, Digital Supply USA is a USA-based company that provides you high-quality phone products at a reasonable price.


Your time with the iPhone 12 mini broken is now done. Digital supply USA is here to help you with the broken screen by providing you all the tools and products required at a cheap price. We will help you to make your iPhone look like a new iPhone.


You can get a new-like screen by buying Apple iPhone 12 Mini display glass screen replacement kit from Digital Supply USA and by following the instructions carefully.


These are the steps you need to follow to replace your iPhone 12 mini screen:-


  • So the first thing you need to do is to power off your iPhone 12 mini. You can do that by holding your volume down and the power off button at the same time and turn off by sliding.


  • After turning it off, you have to unscrew two screws at the bottom with the pentalobe screwdriver's help. After that, you need to carry your pry tool and insert it on your iPhone's left side, right where plastic and metal meet. You have to be careful in this step; you have to move your tool in such a way that the screen lifts up.


  • Once you are done with this task, try to lift your screen and gently open it like a book from one side. You have to be very gentle in this step as if you open the screen too much, there are chances that you can rip off the wires.


  • To completely open your screen now, you have to unplug the wires. First, by using the tri-tip screwdriver, unscrew one screw in the middle to unplug the battery and LCD cable. After that, unscrew five screws at the top to unplug your ear speaker.


  • Now to remove the earpiece from your old screen, you are going to unscrew two tri-tip screws and two Phillips screws. After that, you will need to apply some heat at the top to melt the glue. After applying the heat, you can lift the earpiece with the help of a pry tool.


  • As you are done with the removal of the old screen, now it’s time to add your new screen. At first, you will add the earpiece to your new screen, and to do so, you will line up your microphone, cable, and the proximity square with the new screen at the right place. By applying some pressure, it will fit there, and then you will finish this step by screwing two Phillips screws and two pentalobe screws.


  • After this, you will just have to repeat the steps you have already done. Plugin the earpiece with the phone and then cover it with the metal plate and screw those five tri-tip screws.


  • The next step is to plug in your battery cable and LCD cable with the phone. After plugging the cables, you will just have to screw the metal plate over it. You will have to apply some pressure to plug the cables. If the connector is small, then you can just apply pressure, and it will connect, but if it's long, then you will have to first apply pressure on one side and then on the other. Once this is done, just screw the metal plate.


  • The last step is to perfectly align the screen with the phone by carefully folding it back. Once it is aligned, just apply little pressure on the sides, and at last just screw the two pentalobe screws at the bottom.


So now you know how easy it is to replace the iPhone 12 mini skin. What are you waiting for now? Contact us today to get the iPhone 12 mini display screen replacement kit at an affordable price from Digital Supply USA.


At Digital Supply USA, we are providing kits and accessories at the lowest price, and to add more to it, we offer a lifetime warranty of our products. This is one reason why Digital Supply USA has a big list of happy customers. A review of many happy and satisfied customers from the USA can be seen on the site.


Digital Supply USA provides high-quality products at a cheap rate. Incentives like flexible payment options, easy return, and refunds, lifetime warranty are given. So what are you waiting for? Contact Digital Supply USA and turn your broken phone into a new one.

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