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The 16 Tricks You Need to Know When Using iOS 8

Apple's most latest mobile operating system iOS 8 is like getting a brand new iphone, even if there's months and  months left on your wireless phone contract. If you have an iPhone 4S and up, you can get it downloaded for free on the iTunes store — but make sure to back up before disaster strikes again! We have a ton more tech tips on the way but, until that time, here are our 16 favorite tricks in iOS 8.

The Photos

  • Recover deleted photos — In the Photos app, just tap on the trash can icon & a "Recover Photo" menu will pop right up. You will also see recently deleted photos. A timer display that counts down the time left before the image is automatically deleted will also show up when viewing.

The Camera

  • The Time-lapse videos — You can Video record the changing environment with this new feature in iOS 8. Just Open the Camera app, swipe to select "Time-lapse mode," tap the Record button, & just let it record for as long as you want!!
  • Panoramic mode for iPad — It used to be only for the iPhone! not anymore...
  • The Timer —  Just Set the camera on timer for up to 10 seconds.
  • Edit the lighting — There are powerful color and light adjustment tools built into the Photos app now 3rd party apps are no longer needed. Open the Photos app, tap on an image, then select the little "dial" button on the bottom right. cha ching!


  • You can Find your iPhone when the battery is dead — In Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Find My iPhone, enable "send last location." When your iPhone battery is almost drained out, Apple will send you the last known location of your device.


  • You can Identify a song — Shazam is now integrated into Siri, so you can ask "What song is playing right now?" and the title, artist, and a link to buy will pop up.
  • Did you know you can Activate Siri without hands — Just say, "Hey Siri!"


  • Credit card scanning ability — Instead of typing in your credit card information over & over, you can now use your phone's camera to scan the numbers on a credit card when making online purchases.
  • Get More privacyDuckDuckGo, a search engine with a staunch anti-tracking stance, can now be set as the default search engine.

The Messages

  • Remove yourself from nasty group messages — In group message view, tap "Details" then enable Do Not Disturb to quiet notifications, or tap Leave the Conversation.
  • You can just Reply from the notification — When the notification bar pops up on your screen, you can now tap "reply" and draft a text without leaving the app you were currently in.
  • Automatically delete msgs — In Settings > Messages, enable "Automatically Delete" messages after 30 days or one year to free up space on your phone.

The Keyboard

  • Predictive text — This cool feature is called "QuickType," & it predicts what you're typing before you finish spelling out the word. you can Enable it by tapping on the button to the left of the space bar.


  • See Which app is using the most battery life? — In Settings, see which apps are draining most of your battery life and shut them down if you're low on power.

So Much more to come . . . stay tuned!

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