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The rumor mill continues to turn about the iphone 6 release date and specs...

Digital Supply USA.. The new iPhone 6 really could be one of the most important devices in the brand's history: with the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C simple updates to previous models, there's a ton of pressure heaped on the Apple iPhone 6.

As per the norm, the net is awash with rumors, speculations & downright lies over the next-generation iPhone handset, which is why all of us at Digital Supply USA spend our time trawling through each nugget of information, debating the merits and curating it into this easy-to-read hub for all things iPhone 6.

According to a very recent survey of 5706 US consumers the Apple iPhone 6 is the most highly anticipated Apple smartphone ever, with interest easily outstripping that of the iPhone 5S & iPhone 5g.

We have already been given a small sneak peak at what Apple may have in store for us consumers on the iPhone 6 thanks to the early announcement of iOS 8 at WWKRS - from a some what bigger screen & camera to health monitoring & more storage.

What the iOS 8 tells us about the iPhone 6 so far:

Some of you out there might have been expecting the Apple iPhone 6 to have debuted in late 2013, but given the iPhone's long history - from the 3G on-wards, there has always been a 1/2 step "S" model before the next numbered Apple iPhone - we knew were never going to get the 6 until sometime in 2014.

In fact, it will technically be the Apple iPhone 8 when it finally launches... but hey, who's counting right? So It's unlikey to arrive alongside the new Apple iPad, which is expected a few weeks later sometime in October or November.

However, one thing is for sure, with the Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, the Sony Xperia Z2 & HTC One M8 now out in wild, Apple needs to be on its A game with the new iPhone - & many believe a bigger screen is simply a must to continue to compete.


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